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Volume 10, Issue 3, Sept 10, 2015

Letter from the Editors, Volume 10, Issue 3, Sept 10, 2015

Ghostalker by T.L. Huchu

The Metal of a Man by Travis Heermann

A Dose of Aconite by Lindsey Duncan

Tried and True by Daniel Brock

Peacekeeper by Jamie Killen

Special Feature: Author Interview with Gail Carriger

Editors Corner: Rex's Last Ride by David E. Hughes

                      Volume 10, Issue 3, September 10, 2015

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Letter from the Editors

Summer is over and the leaves are starting to turn. We all know what that means - the apocalypse. Okay maybe not, but it does mean the third quarter issue of Electric Spec. We've harvested a great bunch of stories for you this time around. If you just can't wait for the ghosts of Halloween, you can get an early preview in "Ghostalker" by T.L. Huchu. As a bonus, check out the witches and werewolves in Lindsey Duncan's "A Dose of Aconite." For something on the darker side of science fiction, check out "Tried and True" by Daniel Brock. A bit more out of this world is Jamie Killen's "Peacekeeper." Finally, for a refreshing take on what happens to the superhero "after" the glory, don't miss "The Metal of a Man" by Travis Heermann. The issue also features a fascinating interview with author Gail Carriger and a bonus short story by our own David E. Hughes.

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