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Bailey, Cile
Cover Artist.

Bergloff, Amanda
I am a collage artist who uses the surrealistic approach of combining disparate elements to create dreamlike imagery in my art. I work digitally, along with using the old-school collage technique of layered paper to add depth to the finished piece. Follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AmandaBergloff. Website: http://abergloff2.wixsite.com/artistgallery.

Bisaillon, Joel
Cover Artist.

Diel, Bele
Hi! My name is Nele Diel. I'm a digital artist from Wiesbaden, Germany, doing freelance illustration and concept design for games, films, books, etc. I've ended my university studies in communication arts in the summer of 2016 and work as a fulltime freelance illustrator now but have done this as a side job over the past years. I especially love painting landscapes and environments in the fantasy genre, old ruins and forgotten relicts of other cultures and past centuries have always facinated me. With my work I want to create a small magical world and draw the viewer into it for a few seconds, wondering what this place is -- as I am never to concrete and want to leave this to the fantasy of the viewer.
Portfolio: http://nelediel.com/

Ellis, David
Cover Artist.

Errigo, Michael
Michael Errigo was born in 1993 and grew up in Dearborn , Michigan. He realized at a very young age that he was blessed with a God- given talent and ability to draw and create. His parents supported his efforts and enrolled him in multiple drawing and painting classes and workshops throughout his childhood years. He continuously sketched and pursued his art through middle school and high school. A traditionalist at heart, Michael was very comfortable with pencil and ink. He Graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2016. While in attendance at Kendall, he began experimenting with color and multiple mediums including pastels, colored pencils, water color, oil, acrylic and digital painting. All of his current pieces are initially drawn in pencil and finished digitally. He remains true to his style and his commitment to express his Inner -most feelings and emotions through his art. Michael has a preference for surreal, sci-fi and fantasy and his pieces reflect that passion. Errigo currently works out of his home based studio in the Detroit Metro area. His works have been exhibited at the Harris Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Currently at Art Cruise Wyoming in Wyoming , Michigan. You can check out almost all of his works on his instagram page at Michael Errigo (@artofficial_treasures) • Instagram photos and videos

Eschenbach, Karl
I am a self taught illustrator, digital artist and photographer, and developed my love for science fiction from reading Tom Swift, Jr. books, (mostly) lousy 1950's scifi movies and witnessing first hand the early Project Mercury program that launched Alan Shepard and John Glenn into space.
email: karl.eschenbach@gmail.com

Frasure, J. Zoe
Cover artist J. Zoe Frasure is an artist of many talents. After moving to Los Angeles in 2003, she began Zoe Entertainment, tackling a wide variety of projects including sculpting custom props, designing book covers and more. Zoe Entertainment's primary projects include storyboards for advertising and independent horror movies. The most notable of which were The Collector and Adam Green's Frozen and the Hatchet series.

Zoe also worked at a one-stop shop in Glendale, CA for several years designing products and packaging for an extensive client list including Sea World, Hard Rock Café and Disney.

In late 2011, Zoe packed up shop to head for the beauty and inspiration of the Rocky Mountains. Now based in Denver, Zoe is collaborating with FairyPunk Studios and WordfirePress with such talented authors as David Boop, Mark Ryan, Peter J. Wacks and Kevin J. Anderson.

Garcia Lopez, Jesus
Cover artist.

Hart, Kendall R.
Kendall R. Hart is a professional illustrator, graphic designer and sculptor. After attending his first sci-fi/fantasy convention he eventually left his day job in pursuit of becoming a full-time artist. He has since contributed to author Shane Moore's Abyss Walker world (as well as designing his website www.abysswalker.com), sculpted his first production statue for iHero Entertainment and was graphic designer on the graphic novel Yesterday Was A Lie. He is currently producing concept art for a horror film and a toy line, designing haunted attractions and sculpting a life-size werewolf for the St. Louis haunt industry. He resides in Darkest West Central Illinois with a pair of Pembroke Welsh Corgis where he plays bass in two classic rock cover bands.
His self-designed online gallery and project blog can be enjoyed at www.grimstonestudios.com

Hetherington, Karim
Cover Artist.

Migman, Dave
Cover artist.

Mr. Byron
Mr. Byron is the pseudonym of Victor Bravo, a freelance digital artist. His works includes videogames, 3D art ,animation, CD covers, web sites, books, comic books and storyboards for movies and advertising. Actually he is working in the videogames industry making concept art and character design. Some of his works can be found in his web site: www.mrbyron.com http://www.mrbyron.com

Muff, Andrew
Cover artist.
See Andrew's portfolio: andrewmuff.carbonmade.com.

Noble, Adam
Cover Artist.

Quinn, Brian Malachy
Brian Malachy Quinn is an illustrator who has created art for children's, literary fiction, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and horror publications using mixed media (watercolor, pen and ink, etching, block print and digital). He always starts off with pencil on paper and usually ends in the digital world. His on-line portfolio can be seen at https://www.brianquinnstudio.com/digital-i.
You can contact him at bquinn@uakron.edu if you have interest. He is always open to new projects and enjoys creating art for a very diverse group of publications.

Sanders, Ron
Ron Sanders, Cover Artist, can be contacted at:ronsandersartofprose@yahoo.com
See also his gallery: http://ronsandersatwork.deviantart.com/gallery/.

Serra, Daniele
Cover Artist.

Shevin, Michael
Cover Artist.

I am a self taught graphic/comic artist and illustrator. I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I've done work for Role playing games, comics, albums and a little advertising work. I write and I am a musician as well. I also dabbled in film.

Zakikowski, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Zaikowski is a Southern California artist and graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Education. Over the years since, she has been showing and teaching art in public schools and galleries. Elizabeth's work portrays themes that originate in the spiritual character of the mandala and the world of magical fantasy and illusion. Mandalas are symbolic of the universe and its eternal character, which is to provide symmetry and balance. In much of her work, communication, connection and participation with nature's cosmic world order are inherent themes. Her paintings are a reflection of the symmetrical nature of the universe. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. In religious art, the mandala is used to symbolize wholeness - the circle of eternity. However, the pattern of a mandala -- a circle with a center -- reaches far beyond a two or three dimensional art form. The mandala is a spiritual art form found around the world. Mandalas are a symbolic representation of the macro and the micro; what lies within and without. Mandala art has been used throughout the world as a process of self-expression, in the service of personal growth and spiritual transformation. The basic pattern of the circle with a center is found in nature and is seen in both physics and astronomy.

Each piece created is developed in an organic manner, starting from the center and working outward, using a combination of airbrush and acrylic paints. Through her art, she strives to create more balance in our sometimes chaotic world. By devoting her life to art, she believes art enriches our lives and spirits; expressing the need for balance in life.


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