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Letter from the Editors

Cortex by Steve Rodgers

Page of Skulls by Tony Peak

At Wave's Ebb by Eric Del Carlo

The IUD that Landed in Grandpa's Backyard by Fredrick Obermeyer

Discarded by Miranda Suri

Column: Spec Fic in Flicks by Marty Mapes

Editor's Corner Featuring Betsy Dornbusch

         Volume 8, Issue 4, November 30, 2013

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Message from the Editors

Our last issue of 2013 brings another exciting dose of speculative fiction. We love discovering new authors here at Electric Spec; we also love to see new stories from authors who have appeared our 'zine before. This wasn't planned, but it turns out that four out of five stories are from authors who have appeared in our virtual pages before. Eric Del Carlo brings us a story about a boy who flies in "At Wave's Ebb." In "A Page of Skulls," Tony Peak tells a dark tale of a dark and magnificently strange world. On the lighter side, Fredrick Obermeyer's "The IUD that Landed in Grandpa's Backyard" show us the humorous side of first contact. "Discarded" by Miranda Suri is an artistic urban fantasy with a dash of crime. And, finally, our debut author Steve Rodgers shows his stuff with an exciting backwoods cyber-thriller, "Cortex." For our special features, our spec-tacular movie critic Marty Mapes takes a look at "hard" science fiction movies making a comeback at the box office.

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