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Letter from the Editors

Lest They Drink and Forget the Law by Malon Edwards

Wolfshead by L. Young

Ximena by D.L. Young

A Magician's Silver by Jesse Knifley

Special Feature: Author Interview with Rebecca Taylor by David E. Hughes

Editors Corner:The Last Car in Town by Lesley L. Smith

         Volume 7, Issue 4, November 30, 2012

Nov 2012 cover

Message from the Editors

We're wrapping up our seventh year of production at Electric Spec. It's been a great year, and the stories in this issue close things out with a bang! Those of us in Colorado who are praying for mountain snow will connect to the dystopian sci-fi story, "Lest They Drink and Forget the Law" by Malon Edwards. If you are more in the mood for adventure this holiday season, try L. Young's "Wolfshead," which includes an interesting twist on a Robin Hood-type tale. For a bonus adventure, check out "A Magician's Silver" by Jesse Knifley, an epic fantasy that does not turn out as you might expect. And for those of you who are in the party mood after drinking some spiked egg nog, put the kids to bed and open up D.L. Young's "Ximena" for sci-fi story that will leave you breathless. In Editor's Corner, Lesley L. Smith shares "The Last Car in Town" in which even if the future changes drastically, some things remain the same. Plus, don't miss our interview with the fabulous new YA author Rebecca Taylor.

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