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Letter from the Editors

False Negative by Andy Goldman

My One and Only by James Bizzell

10,000 Bones by Joe Ollinger

The Chronicles of Zer by Simon Kerwin

Special Feature: Author Interview with Lynda Hilburn by Betsy Dornbusch

Editors Corner:The Hundred-Year Storm by Nikki Baird

         Volume 7, Issue 3, August 31, 2012

aug 2012 cover

Message from the Editors

We hope all of you had a great summer. Here at Electric Spec we've been enjoying the excellent stories that have been coming into our inbox, especially the ones included in our August issue. In the fantasy sub-genre, we have "My One and Only" by James Bizzell, which uses an unique story structure to explore the question of just what is a soul mate. Also in fantasy, frequent Electric Spec contributor Simon Kewin brings us "The Chronicles of Zer" which (dear to our hearts) emphasizes the importance of books being read. In the cyberpunk department, we have "False Negative" by Andy Goldman, which reminds us the spam in our inbox isn't nearly as bad as it could get. Another late summer thriller for sci-fi readers is Joe Ollinger's "10,000 Bones", an extraterrestrial noir tale that will shake you to your . . . er, bones. In Special Features, we offer an interview with vampire writer Lynda Hillburn, of Kismet Knight fame. Finally, we're excited to present a new addition our Editor's Corner: our awesome associate editor Nikki Baird shares with us the unique romantic fantasy, "The Hundred Year Storm."

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