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Letter from the Editors

Itinerate Pandemonium by A.L. Sirois

They Who Ride on Gryphons by K.R. Hager

Time Debt by D. Thomas Minton

In the Belly of the Best by Larry Hodges

Deep Depp by Karen Munro

Special Feature: Author Interview with Warren Hammond by Lesley L. Smith

Editors Corner: My Kingdom for a Gislestorchen by David E. Hughes

Column: Spec Fic in Flicks by Marty Mapes

         Volume 7, Issue 2, May 31, 2012

may 2012 cover

Message from the Editors

What's the key to kicking off a great summer? Great speculative fiction stories! And we just happen to have several you are sure to enjoy. Returning Electric Spec author A.L. Sirois brings us a startling look at the future of musical entertainment in "Itinerate Pandemonium." Those who love high fantasy will flock to "They Who Ride Griffons" by K.R. Hager. Also in the fantasy department, we bring you Larry Hodges' "In the Belly of the Beast," which presents a whole new take on dragon hunting. If you're looking for a note of tragedy with your sci-fi, read "Time Debt" by D. Thomas Minton. And, just in time for summer, we have "Deep Deep" by Karen Munro, a summer camp story with a side of slipstream. If any of you are planning a trip to Vegas, you may want to read the cautionary tale included in this month's Editor's Corner. As if all this fiction were not enough to get you going, this issue features an exiting interview with first-class science fiction author Warren Hammond, and our film critic explains how the horror film A Cabin in the Woods relates to world politics. Hope all of you have a great summer!

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