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Message from the Editors

The Untold Story of an Executioner by Dawn Lloyd

End User by A.L. Sirois

Birth of a New Day by Fredrick Obermeyer

What Eats You by Sara Kate Ellis

Touch of Poison by Jaelithe Ingold

Special Feature: Author Interview with Mario Acevedo

Editors Corner Getting Lucky by Lesley L. Smith

         Volume 6, Issue 1, February 28, 2011

feb 2011 cover

Message from the Editors

As we begin our second quarterly year, the editors at Electric Spec are excited to present our first issue of 2011. We have a variety of dark and light stories in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres.

"The Untold Story of an Executioner" by Dawn Lloyd is a chilling tale about maybe the worst job ever. "End User" by A.L. Sirois is a horrific story with a character that definitely does not follow Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. "Birth of a New Day" by Fredrick Obermeyer is a unique fantasy in which daybreak requires a special kind of midwife. "What Eats You" by Sara Kate Ellis is a near-future adventure involving role-playing and political correctness taken to the extreme. "Touch of Poison" by Jaelithe Ingold is a traditional fantasy in which a power struggle has a very unexpected outcome.

In Editor's Corner, Lesley L. Smith presents the humorous quantum romance "Getting Lucky". We are also pleased to share an interesting and amusing interview of award-winning Urban Fantasy author Mario Acevedo. Enjoy!

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