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Message from the Editors

Johnny and Babushka by RJ Astruc

The New Arrival by Miranda Suri

Kids by Grey Freeman

Endless Summer by Jude-Marie Green

Sandcastles by Josh Pearce

Special Feature: Author Interview with Richard Kadrey

Column: Spec Fic in Flix by Marty Mapes

         Volume 5, Issue 4, November 30, 2010

nov 2010 cover

Message from the Editors

The editors at Electric Spec are excited to present our fourth issue of 2010, which officially makes us a quarterly publication. We are already in the holiday spirit, and what better way to celebrate than with a funny, off-beat holiday fantasy like "Johnny & Babushka" by R.J. Astruc. On the other hand, if you're already nostalgic for warmer days, "Endless Summer" by Jude-Marie Green may be just the science fiction story you need to heat you up. For those who desire fantasy stories on the more serious side, we have Grey Freeman's "Kids" and Josh Pearce's "Sandcastles," both of which have something important to say about the real world. Finally, for those who like a dark story to fit the dark days of winter, we'd like to recommend Miranda Suri's "The New Arrival," a macabre story that will leave you satisfyingly chilled. On the non-fiction front, we've interviewed Richard Kadrey, the author of several books including the SANDMAN SLIM series. Finally, our insightful movie critic Marty Mapes takes side in the debate about whether movies based on books need to stand alone or may be propped up by the book. We wish you happy holidays and a pleasant 2011!

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