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Message from the Editors

Salvage Sputnik by Sam S. Kepfield

Remembrance Day by Simon Kewin

Fees des Dents by George S. Walker

The Walls of Yesterday by Tony Peak

Pusher by Matthew Howe

Editor's Corner The Devotion Egg by David E. Hughes

Special Feature: Author Interview Jeanne Stein

         Volume 5, Issue 3, August 30, 2010

aug 2010 cover
Message from the Editors

One of the fun things about being editors at Electric Spec is that we get to pick stories that appeal to all kinds of tastes in speculative fiction. We look at genre fiction though a wide lens, realizing that not everyone has the same taste - even the three editors here at the magazine. But what we do strive for is high-quality, entertaining, and well-written stories. Sure, we appreciate originality, but we also appreciate the need for tension, plot, and character.

This quarter's issue is a good example of what we're trying to do here at Electric Spec, with great stories that cut across a variety of speculative sub-genres. For science fiction lovers, we offer "Salvage Sputnick" by Sam Kepfeld, which (for good reason) won third prize in the Robert H. Heinlein Centennial Short Story Contest. We also offer science fiction with a military element with Simon Kewin's "Remembrance Day." Our Editor's Corner story is also science fiction: "The Devotion Egg" by David E. Hughes features a new twist on an age-old theme.

Fantasy lovers have not been left out. "The Walls of Yesterday" by Tony Peak is high fantasy with all the swords, monsters, and blood you could ask for in a tale (or should we say "tail"). Fantasy with a more urban flavor can be found in George S. Walker's "Fees de Dents," a fairy tale not at all appropriate for young children. Finally, for those in the mood for something on the dark side, try "Pusher," which is written by returning Electric Spec horror writer Matthew Howe.

Read one or all -- we're sure you'll find osmething you love.

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