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Message from the Editors

Larger than Life by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

In the Land of the Deaf by Ferrett Steinmetz

Bright Wings in the Ebony Hall by Dale Carothers

Copies by Erica L. Satifka

A Girl and her Tentacle Monster by Naomi Libicki

Civil Complaint by Peter Andrews

Editors Corner: The New Writing Age by Betsy Dornbusch

Special Feature: Author Interview

Column: Spec Fic in Flix by Marty Mapes

Volume 4, Issue 3, October 31, 2009

explorer cover Message from the Editors

Electric Spec concludes its fourth year of publication with a diverse slate of stories. Award-winning spec fic author Nina Kiriki Hoffman contributes "Larger Than Life," a contemporary fantasy which brings new meaning to the term 'collectibles'. "In The Land Of The Deaf" is a dark tale about a new kind of virus that makes H1N1 seem like a case of the sniffles. "Bright Wings in the Ebony Hall" delves into jealousy and reconciliation in a magical world with a middle-east flavor. The humorous SF story, "A Girl and her Tentacle Monster" explores the drawbacks and unexpected perks of being a hyperspace pilot. "Copies" is a thought-provoking story about relationships, sacrifice, and the nature of human life in a future where all kinds of copies are cheap. And finally, "Civil Complaint" will make you see pepper (and other things) in a whole new light. In Editors' Corner Betsy Dornbusch discusses the future of speculative fiction publishing. This time for our Author Interview we are doing something different, namely, interviewing our six contributing authors. And last but not least, we have a movie column from critic Marty Mapes that is truly in the Halloween spirit. Enjoy!

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