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Message from the Editors

A Crowd of Possibilities by Eric Del Carlo

The Boogie-Woogie, Time-Traveling, Cyborg Blues by Barton Paul Levenson

RepFix by K.P. Graham

Kitsune-tsuki by Justin A. Williams

Hair and Hearts by Alison J. Littlewood

The Girl Door by J. Linnaea

Editors Corner: The First Priest of Maat by David E. Hughes

Special Feature: An Author Interview with Ann Aguirre

Column: Spec Fic in Flix

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 28 2009

moon cover Message from the Editors

Welcome to the new Electric Spec website!

We're privileged and pleased to debut our new website with this, our third anniversary issue. We still offer the same great stories, interviews, and columns, but have improved our format to make stories easier to read online and let our cover art shine.

This new site wouldn't have been possible without one of our previous authors, Stuart Neville. Back in her early days of editing for Electric Spec, Betsy "discovered" one of Stuart's stories on a critiquing blog and subsequently bought it. Often that's the extent of a relationship between editor and writer, but they stayed in touch. In the intervening years, they read each others' work, commiserated over setbacks, and celebrated successes. Despite their living across the world from each other, they became good friends.

Stuart offered to build this website for us last year. When asked why, he confided that publication in Electric Spec had kept him writing when he was ready to quit. Now he's a debut novelist. Anticipated as The Thriller Of The Year, his book The Twelve will be released in the UK in July 2009, followed by releases around the world.

Though we don't focus exclusively on the pre-published, part of our mission has always been to give new writers a home. To know that we've done that for a great writer, and a friend, proves the worth of not only our efforts here, but of all smaller press e-zines.

Three years ago, we never anticipated the opportunity to interview so many wonderful authors, to read hundreds of incredible stories, to promote Electric Spec at WorldCon and other conventions, to make so many great friends. Three years ago, it had never occurred to us that we might meet people who knew the Electric Spec name, but it happens at every con. We've watched our circulation grow beyond our wildest expectations and are constantly impressed by the quality of our submissions.

But, ruminating over the past and embracing the future reminds us we must also thank YOU, our readership. Stories only truly come alive once they're read, so never discount your role. Writers may be lifeblood of a magazine, but the entire endeavor would be pointless without our readership.

So, thank you for coming back to enjoy another issue of Electric Spec!

- Betsy, David, and Lesley

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