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Volume 3, Issue 3, October 31, 2008
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A message from the editors:

Happy Halloween! Boy, have we got some treats for you in our third and final issue of the year. We begin with an interview with award-winning science fiction novelist M.M. Buckner who tells us about her exciting new eco-thriller. Two of our science fiction stories paint dark pictures of future Earths. "End of Days" by Tyree Campbell takes us to a future where the world is getting wetter and the technology designed to help humanity does more harm than good. In S. Hutson Blount's "Littleblossom Makes a Deal with the Devil," we learn about just how intelligent--and deadly--war toys of the future may become. We've included an extra dose of sci-fi in this issue with "The Quantiversal Coefficient of Fate" by Jason K. Chapman. This story also looks at the possibility of a future disaster, but on a world far from Earth--or perhaps not so far after all. For those hoping for something sweeter in their trick-or-treat bag, we've brought you Lyle Skains' "A Queen for a King," a journey to the sensual world of fairies--with a twist you are bound to savor. And of course, Halloween wouldn't feel right without a visit from the creatures of the night. "To Love Forever" delivers a macabre story you can really sink your teeth into. Our movie guy, Marty Mapes, talks about an interesting phenomena in movies and science fiction: "last man on earth" movies. Finally, our Editor's Corner features an article with Betsy's take on irony in fiction.

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

MM Buckner Special Feature:
Interview with M.M. Buckner
by Lesley L. Smith

End of Days
by Tyree Campbell
Littleblossom Makes a Deal with the Devil
by S. Hutson Blount
forest with distant city The Quantiversal Coefficient of Fate
by Jason K. Chapman
A Queen for a King
by Lyle Skains
stake To Love Forever
by Bob Burnett

Poet's Corner Editor's Corner:
Irony in Fiction
by Betsy Dornbusch

Marty Mapes Spec Fic in Flicks:
The Quiet Earth
by Marty Mapes

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