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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
Support for writers in the Rocky Mountain region and across the country.

Pikes Peaks Writers
Support for writers in the Colorado Springs area.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America,Inc.
The premiere professional organization for science fiction and fantasy writers in North American and elsewhere in the universe.

World Science Fiction Society
The premiere organization which chooses the recipients of the annual Hugo Awards (science Fiction Achievement Awards) and the locations and committees for the annual World Science Fiction Conventions..

Horror Writers Association
The premiere professional organization for horror writers around the world.

General Links

Atomic Rockets
The science in science fiction.

an on-line directory of all things science fiction.

Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza

Sci Fi Editor
Specializing in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Vampire Fiction and Historical Fiction.

Resources for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Fans and Writers.

A community of readers and writers dedicated to the Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy genres. Post stories, news, get ideas to help market your fiction and much more.

Our Writers

Barth Anderson

B.J. Anderson

S. Hutson Blount S. Hutdon Blout has worked with nuclear propulsion systems, robotic laser welders, and mutant cats, but as yet no cybernetic tanks. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with a wife who tolerates his foolishness to an alarming degree.

Bruce Boston

Tyree Campbell Tyree Campbell is a retired U.S. Army translator [Russian, Spanish, Thai] with some hundred short stories, two novels, and two dozen poems published thus far. His collection "A Nice Girl Like You," published by Khimairal Ink, has been nominated for a Spectrum, a Lambda, and a James Tiptree Award. When not puttering in the herb garden or teaching his Australian cattle dog to herd squirrels, he is the Managing Editor of Sam's Dot Publishing, and invites you to www.samsdotpublishing.com whenever you have time to browse.

Neil Carstairs

Jason K. Chapman

Jason L. Corner Jason L. Corner lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and daughter. He teaches English at the Ohio State University at Newark, and is currently at work on a novel. He has ninja-level powers over tofu and tempeh, and can be reached at jasonlcorner@gmail.com

Jennifer Crow

Benjamin Crowell Brainwashed at an early age by a steady diet of Heinlein juveniles, Benjamin Crowell has never fully recovered. He teaches physics at a community college in Southern California and posts his nonfiction at www.lightandmatter.com.

Barbara Davies

Lindsey Duncan Lindsey Duncan is a life-long writer and professional Celtic harp performer, with short fiction and poetry in several speculative fiction publications. She feels that music and language are inextricably linked. She lives and performs in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a student at Indiana University, working on a self-designed major. She can be found on the web at http://www.LindseyDuncan.com/writing.htm.

Steve Goble

Bruce Golden

Clifford Royal Johns Cliff Johns' stories have appeared in various small press magazines including most recently in Farthing, Shimmer and Story Station magazines. His novel, "Unforgettable," is with the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency and looking for a publisher who's interested in SF/Mystery crossovers. He lives in Northern Illinois with his wife and two elderly spaniels.

Erin Kinch Erin M. Kinch lives and writes in Fort Worth, Texas, where she shares her home with her husband of six years and their exuberant golden retriever. Her stories have been published in a variety of print and online publications, including Allegory, A Thousand Faces, Every Day Fiction, Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, Static Movement, and Perpetual Magazine. For more information, visit Erin's blog at www.erinmkinch.com.

Clare Kirwan

Kevin Korell

Gere McClellan Gere McClellan's past jobs include clerk at a country market, gift-wrapper at a funeral home and crew trainer at an Italian restaurant (better described as a pizza place with a superiority complex), but her career as a newspaper journalist keeps the bills paid. She lives in a small farming community in Northeast Ohio.

Gerri Leen

K. Bird Lincoln K. Bird Lincoln spent 4 years in Japan precariously perched on a bicycle with 2 girls under the age of 5. Now she resides in Portland, Oregon and guiltily drives a car. Her other work has been published hither and thither in places such as Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, and Flytrap. For more stories (free!) check out her fiction page at www.geocities.com/kblincoln/mossyglen.html.

Tim McDaniel Timothy McDaniel has taught English as a Second Language in Thailand and in various institutions in the Seattle area. He now lives in Auburn, Washington, where he teaches at Green River Community College and lives with an assortment of plastic (or are they?) dinosaurs. He's been published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Chimeraworld, Asimov's Science Fiction, A Thousand Faces, Afterburn SF, and Dark Recesses.

Ray E. Main

Tim Mulcahy

Stuart Neville

Fredrick Obermeyer

Mike Planck

Hank Quense

Jeremy Schneider

Marge Simon

Lyle Skains Lyle Skains lives in North Wales (United Kingdom), with her husband, two cats, and two dogs (one naughty, one nice). She teaches writing, mostly to fund her PhD studies, and spends her spare moments making things up. When she's not writing, she's usually out taking photographs, riding horses, or playing soccer. Visit http://lyleskains.com to read more of her work, scroll through her blog, or contact her.

Justin Stanchfield

Michael Stone

Todd Thorne

Yvonne Eve Walus

Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion live in Michigan and have been writing together for more than a decade. More info about them can be found at their website http://yangandcampion.googlepages.com.

Our Artists

Cile Bailey

Jesus Garcia Lopez
See more of Jesus' art: raro666.deviantart.com, www.guiadeilustradores.com

Adam Noble

Michael Shevlin

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