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Volume 3, Issue 2, June 30, 2008
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Image © Cile Bailey

A message from the editors:

Our summer issue of Electric Spec is hot, with seven new stories you're gonna love. Urban fantasy fans are in for a double treat with Erin M. Kinch's "Alpha" and K. Bird Lincoln's "Her Own Skin." "Alpha" takes us to the backwaters of Texas for a heart-pounding new twist on the werewolf mythos, and, in "Her Own Skin," a Japanese ghost transforms herself and the woman she haunts-but not in the way you might think. For those who prefer more traditional fantasy, we've got you covered with "The Other Magic" by Gere McClellan, in which a sorceress is surprised by the person she least expects: herself. Speaking of hot fiction, "Riding Fourth" by Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion gives us a timely look at a possible consequence of high energy prices and global warming. "Grinding to a Halt" by Gerri Leen also takes a look at a global phenomenon, but not one we've yet encountered. In the slipstream tradition, we're not entirely sure what the phenomenon is, but it does answer lots of questions that we always wanted answered. And, for those in need of something chilling this summer, we have just the dark treat for you. After reading, "All Kinds of Monsters" by Matthew Howe, none of us will look at luggage in quite the same way.

Our Editor's Corner features a sci-fi piece that will leave you laughing as it explores the surprisingly thin line between physicist and psychic. Finally, our movie man, Marty Mapes, takes a look at a fantasy movie that you might have missed out on-unless you have a young daughter.

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

coyote Alpha
by Erin M. Kinch
faceless head Her Own Skin
by K. Bird Lincoln
snow flakes The Other Magic
by Gere McClellan
traffic jam Riding Fourth
by Margaret Yang and Harry R. Campion
landscape with black Grinding to a Halt
by Gerri Leen
black suitcase All Kinds of Monsters
by Matthew Howe

Poet's Corner Editor's Corner:
The Quantum Mechanic, er, Psychic
by Lesley L. Smith

Marty Mapes Spec Fic in Flicks:
Enchanted Turns the Spyglass Both Ways
by Marty Mapes

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