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Volume 2, Issue 2, May 31, 2007
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Image ©Cile Bailey

A message from the editors:

        After the success of our interview with science fiction grandmaster James Gunn in the last issue, we thought we'd give you another fascinating interview. This time, we talked to internationally acclaimed fantasy writer, Carol Berg. She tells us about her latest novel (just released this month), discusses her two hugely popular fantasy series, and gives tips to aspiring writers. And, as always, we have a great batch of stories for you in this issue. "Going Home " brings a whole new-and alien-meaning to the phrase "coming out of the closet." For those who like a little macabre with their science fiction, we bring you "Sick Days," which addresses the age-old question: how far will someone go to be popular? On a lighter note, watch out for "The Arkham Kids," one author's tongue-in-cheek tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. "In the Company of Equals" is an action-packed look at the future, while "Doctor Corax's Memory Trade" puts a fantasy twist on America's Old West past. Finally, we feature something we've never had before: "Me and the Devil Blues" is based on something that really happened. But, not to worry, it still contains the speculative fiction twist that you've come to expect at our magazine. Happy reading!

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

Carol Berg Special Feature:
Interview with Carol Berg
by David E. Hughes

boy and planets Going Home
by Jeremy Schneider
hypodermic needle Sick Days
by Clare Kirwan
hot chocolate The Arkham Kids
by J.J. MacMillan
Soldiers pix In the Company of My Equals
by Micheal C. Planck
corax pix
Professor Corax' Memory Trade
by Lawrence Barker
guitar pix
Me and the Devil Blues
by Stuart Neville

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