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Volume 11, Issue 1, February 29, 2016

Letter from the Editors, Volume 11, Issue 1, February 29, 2016

Where Everybody Knows Your Name by Kate Sheeran Swed

The Wish of a Child of Wishes by Patricia Russo

Gifts from a Newlywed Husband to His Wife by Nina Shepardson

Catch and Release by Tiffany Michelle Brown

Posthumous by Daniel Brock

Editors Corner: Story Endings, How They Torture Me by Nikki Baird

Special Feature: Author Interview with Bonnie Ramthun

           Volume 11, Issue 1, February 29, 2016

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Letter from the Editors

Greetings from your new editors!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first installment of Electric Spec for 2016. As we enter a new year, we've got several new faces on the editorial staff.

First up is Nikki Baird. Nikki has been a slush reader and Associate Editor for Electric Spec since 2012. She has two short stories that have been semi-finalists in the Writer's of the Future contest, had a short story published in the anthology Broken Links Mended Lives, and was the editor and publisher for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' 2014 anthology Crossing Colfax. She's currently revising a novel-length fantasy/horror manuscript that stands a chance of getting published, in between blogging about retail and retail technology for Forbes and various other publications.

Also on board is Grayson Towler. Grayson is a professional copywriter for the Sounds True publishing company, and he's been part of several online writing communities for original and fan fiction. His first published book, a middle grade fantasy called The Dragon Waking, is due out this June.

Anchoring the team is veteran Electric Spec editor Lesley L. Smith.

But enough about us! You're here for the stories, and we've got some excellent offerings for you:

  • "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" by Kate Swed--What happens when a mythological trickster tries to turn over a new leaf? Get ready for a new look at that wily imp, Rumpelstiltskin.

  • "The Wish of a Child of Wishes" by Patricia Russo--Meet a fearless child and a witch who is not what she seems. Here's an original story that feels as rich and mysterious as a classic fairy tale.

  • "Gifts from a Newlywed Husband to His Wife" by Nina Shepardson--Sometimes, even death cannot keep us from fulfilling the promises we've made to those we love.

  • "Catch and Release" by Tiffany Michelle Brown--When mythical predators from different parts of the supernatural world find themselves stalking the same prey, the line between hunter and hunted starts to get dangerously blurry.

  • "Posthumous" by David Brock--Great musicians find immortality through the songs they leave behind. But what if there's another way to keep rocking beyond death?

Also don't forget to check out editor Nikki Baird's reflections on "Story Endings--How they Torture Me" and our interview with mystery and middle grade writer Bonnie Ramthun.

Thanks for reading,
The Electric Spec Team

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