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Volume 1, Issue 3, September 30, 2006
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Issue 3 pix
Image ©Cile Bailey

A message from the editors:

        Welcome to Volume I, Issue 3 of Electric Spec.
        We've selected a group short stories that are as good as anything you'll find on the Web--or, for that matter, in print.
       "Fade to Black" marks a second appearance by author Stephen L. Antczak, who enjoys twisting readers' minds in new directions and does so brilliantly in this dark SF sleuth story. "The Second Queen" and "Carom Shot" reveal that political intrigue appears in many guises, but always makes for a great read. If you hook into "Sub-Tracks," lay off the Auntie M or the story might just blow your mind. In "The One-Legged Assassin," a detective follows a trail of laughs to catch a slippery villain. "Behind Enemy Lines" exposes a war in which everyone participates, even you. Finally, Editor's Corner features "Welcome to Cybermate," David E. Hughes' take on the future of electronic, government-approved dating.
        Happy reading!

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

Fade to Black pix Fade to Black
by Stephen L. Antczak
Second Queen pix The Second Queen
by Yvonne Eve Walus
Carom Shot pix Carom Shot
by Ray E. Main
Sub-Tracks pix Sub-Tracks
by N.E. Chenier
assassin pix
The One-Legged Assassin
by TW Williams
behind enemy lines pix Behind Enemy Lines
by Derek Thompson

Poet's Corner Editor's Corner:
by David E. Hughes

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