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Volume 1, Issue 2, May 31, 2006
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Issue 2 pix
Image ©Cile Bailey

A message from the editors:
        We're pleased to say that Electric Spec has grown from start-up to up-and-comer. Since posting Volume 1, Issue 1 back in January 2006, we've received 485,186 hits on our Web pages, and not all of those eyeballs were ours. Also, our publication title has started to appear in writing market reports, forums, and databases. However, the most enjoyable experience for us is when readers take the time to say that they enjoyed one or more of our authors' stories. Huzzah!
        In the current issue, Volume 1, Issue 2, we have seven juicy shorts. "The Impresario" turns out to be a business man after all, despite his initial spattered slime and writhing tentacles. "Cage" bends the stereotypical view of God as omnipotent, and fits Him into a much smaller space. "The Ghosts of Malibar" is a spirited fantasy-mystery starring a detective with an otherwordly gift. A library becomes not just a place of quiet study, but one of dark surprises in "The Autobiographer." Does popping pills, even if they're "Pure Luck," mean a guy's an addict? And, the anti-hero of "Galactic Undesirables No. 3231: The Con Artist" may be on the lam from Galactic Fraud Eliminators, but he still wants to take over a planet.
        Finally, we're opening a new section of the e-zine, Editor's Corner, where we present our own works. For this issue, two quantum physicists realize that their experiment has created more than just sexual tension in "Entanglements."
        Thank you and good reading!

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

Manhattan pix The Impresario
by Hank Quense
cage pix Cage
by Charles Richard Laing
Ghosts pixThe Ghosts of Malibar
by Robert Bee
book The Autobiographer
by Leila Eadie
pills? Pure Luck
by Stephen L. Antczak
Space Station Galactic Undesirables No. 3231: The Con Artist
by David Redd

Poet's Corner Editor's Corner:
by Lesley L. Smith

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